What is the best and effective way to study a lot of marked words


I want to study my marked words, but I’ve many words saved that for me is difficult to study and to remember them all, what is the best and effective way to study marked words? Language reactor has a functionality that let us to study marked words through flash cards or some similar functionality? or could you recomend me please a website or app where I can to put my marked words and study them?

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I would recommend staying away form LR PhrasePump as it is limited to Cloze style flash cards and is pretty terrible.

I recommend exporting your flash cards in LR to a program called Anki (both desktop and mobile versions available)

Here are the posted instructions for exporting to Anki

However, I recommend exporting as a CSV file then importing that file into Anki

To do that you’ll need Anki

And you’ll need the Anki Template for LR - the template is still under the old name “Learning with Netflix”

You’ll need the desktop version of Anki to import, but once you get your cards import Anki will sync between both desktop and mobile versions so you can use either or mix usage.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for your recommendation, it’s very useful!

I’d recommend to do nothing and just continue exposing yourself to more input, until they stick. Colored word is just a measurement of your progress, not a requirement to learn it immediately.

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