Where is human translation sourced from?

Hello, new to the LR here. I’ve been very happily using the LR, especially for how a lot of youtube videos that weren’t currently available in my target language, aka Korean, have readily available human translation.
Out of curiosity, where/how are human translation sourced to be on the LR?

Hi @cheesebomber97,

Human translations are from the content’s translation source.

Meaning — for YouTube — the YouTuber that uploaded the captions/subtitles. And for Netflix, the person Netflix hired to caption the video.

For human translations, LR pulls from the existing material from a given video source.

P. S. I’m not sure, but I think if your video only has auto-generated subs from YouTube, then that counts as “human translation”(?). But, I avoid auto-generated subs for the most part, so I don’t know.


Hi @joan_LanguageProcess,

You are correct: When there’s no human translation available, users just get an auto-generated sub even when the human translation is toggled on in the menu.
Now I look at it again, it says ‘unavailable’ in grey next to the human translation toggle when this is the case. I must have missed that when I made this post.

Regardless, thanks for the reply!

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