Machine vs. Human Translation and VPN

Hello! I am fairly new to LR and I am trying to figure a couple things out. Am I better off using human translation or machine translation - what’s the difference really? Also, when I choose a show on Netflix should I be using (learning Spanish) Spanish as the movies original language to get the most out of the accurate translations? I find trying to watch US shows to be worse than foreign (Spanish native language) shows. I use a VPN to select Mexico or Spain and pick native shows to those countries and the subtitles seem more accurate. Is this correct or how should I be doing this process? Thank you very much for this wonderful application, I am trying to make it all work and not get too frustrated with myself or the program. Cheers.

Machine translation is done using AI, use human translations when its available. They’re more likely to be available if you VPN to a Spanish speaking country. (You can check here:

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Awesome, thank you for your help!