[YouTube] I clicked the LR button, but it's still off and didn't work.

I’m from Taiwan.

Hi @Oliver_Du,

There are a couple of troubleshooting methods you could try first:

  1. You could try toggling the LR extension off and then back on again (within your browser — on your extensions list page), and refreshing the video page and try again. (If it works, you may have to do this on/off + refresh every time it doesn’t turn on when you click it.)


  1. Turn off all your other extensions and see if that helps. (*Be sure to refresh your video page a few times first *) If it works, turn on your other extensions one by one with the LR extension off to see if it’s a specific extension intervening with LR (if #1 doesn’t work). (Try toggling the LR extension on after turning on each one — i.e., turn extension 1 on → toggle LR on, turn LR extension off → turn extension 2 on → the LR extension back on ->, etc.) Note: I would toggle the LR extension on and off on the extensions page before turning other extensions on individually to “refresh it.”

Hopefully, something here helps/or someone from the LR Team can chime in on this.

Sometimes, other extensions can interfere with the usability of some extensions (like LR’s).

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