Youtube subtitle is no longer working

Hi there

the subtitle no longer appears on my youtube video since a couple of days ago however, it appears when I remove the ‘language reactor’ extension !. It happens to all the videos that I watch on Youtube.

Please refer to the youtube link:

Youtube (Taiwan & UK)

I use french and English

Please kindly help me with that matter, otherwise, there is no need to use the service as it actually blocks the subtitles on youtube

thank you so much !!

Hi, what browser and OS are you using?

Hi there

I am using Chrome

Thanks, and which OS ? Windows, mac or linux ?

hi there
it’s mac thanks

It is no longer working for me either. I am using Chrome, and Windows 11.

It seems that google (youtube) is giving a complete different website code structure for some account (few people at the moment), which is screwing LR extension.
Luckily, we do have an account that has the same problem, so we are working on fixing this.

@Gini_Lin , @Petey , can you try to logout from YT of your youtube/google account, and try with no account (or another one) if the subtitles are coming back? If it’s the same problem as us, it should be working.

We will let you informed, sorry for this :S

Hi, I have the same problem.
Enable LR button near the progress bar disappears. And no subtitles when I turn on youtube subtitles. Reshed the web page automatically when I click the “settings”,“export"or"words” etc buttons on the LR transcript on the right side of video. I am using Chrome, and Windows 10.
when no account or another one, the subtitles are coming back. Thanks.

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Ok, yes its the same, it works as long as I logout of YouTube.

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Thanks @Petey for your reply. So indeed, your problem is caused by this new Youtube code. We are working on it to find a reasonable patch.

Sorry for this problem. We will let you know about our work.

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Thank you for the update, looking forward to it and thank you for the work around.

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the same as you bro!!! on another account its working

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Language Reactor is working normally when I sign out of my YouTube Premium account and watch videos in a “free” YouTube, but this doesn’t allow me to watch my purchase movies using LR and also I need to watch commercials which I can’t stand.

So, again – in my YouTube Premium account the logo of Language Reactor doesn’t appear and when I turn on CC, I can’t even see the Captions/Subtitles on the bottom of the screen. I cannot remove the sidebar (?) and it’s blank version takes the 3rd of the screen when trying to watch in full screen mode where the controls become frozen. It was all working well about 24 hours ago. The only thing different from usual I’ve done before this problem started is that I cleared the
I removed the extension and re-added Language Reactor. As well as reinstalled Google Chrome. But it didn’t work.

Please kindly assist.

Hi team, I’m also a paying subscriber to LR and am running into this issue, I see the LR toggle but clicking it doesn’t seem to do anything. Strangely, watching the same videos in an incognito tab (without Youtube Premium) also seems to have the same issue. Deleting and reinstalling the extension seems to fix the issue for a short time, but it came back after a day. Would appreciate a fix! Thanks a bunch.

Hi Robert, I faced the same problem but it fixed after reinstalling the extension on chrome :slight_smile: