A fix for ASR subs

For those people who has problems with ASR subs , you can use Opera browser with the same extension

Confirmed working on Opera Mac. bummer I had to install a second browser just for this extension to work correctly but at least it works again and I can get back to learning.

Hey - Do you know the name of the extension in Opera? I can’t find Language Reactor when I search Opera’s extensions

another day goes without working ASR subs

The same name as for chrome.
I confirm Opera works fine for ASR

can’t find the same extension in Opera. I’m using Mac system.

Hi, what’s name of the extension on Opera? I can’t find it with the same name as LR.

I use Mac as well.
Just type Language reactor in search, then click first link

Search on youtube how to install chrome extension on Opera

Thanks. It works for me.