ASR feature is not working

I don’t know how to do fix asr feature. It is not working

I am sure I checked on all the tabs of the documentation that can be found here : Language Reactor.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Yes, its not working again…


I’m also facing this issue…

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Do we know if there is going to be any fix for this? My monthly subscription was about to renew but I cancelled as it seems like the ASR function has been broken for a while now with no fix in sight.


Yep, It’s been 3 days for me as well and I wonder as well if there is any plans on fixing it.

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Yeah I will also not renew my membership if this isn’t fixed tbh


mine has been broken a few days as well…

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not working!!! The reason im paying

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Use Opera browser, it works there

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I deactivated the test inclusion of my netflix account and it worked. Apparently opera could also work

Mine is back since yesterday on chrome

where can I deactivate the test inclusion?

Hey do you know the name of the extension for the Opera browser? I can’t find Language Reactor when I search Opera’s Extensions