Adding notes and saved data


I would like to make a suggestion, when you click a word you can see the meaning, but coming from the machine translated and sometimes wrong, so I think can be very useful, once we find a correct translation, if we can add personal notes with the correct meaning.

About saving data I would like to know what happens with it if I stop using pro for a while.
If all the work I did is going to dissapear.

Thank you


Hi. Notes on saved words might happen soon. If you stop ‘Pro’ mode, you still have full access to your data, don’t worry.


I just wanted to second this request. I frequently find I want to take notes on the words, especially to explain the context or correct a mistranslation. Sure, I could export the list and take notes externally, but I’d like to do be able to do it right in LR while I’m watching a video.

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Thank you very much for saving access to data. A competitor makes you forfeit virtually all – major reason why I quit.