Anki Export Upgrades

Much appreciated @oefu !! I’ll give it a try :grinning:

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This is a better tutorial on how to capture audio with ShareX.

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please do not limit Anki export new phrases option ONCE only, for sometimes exportjing ZIP does not show up, and when I tried to export it again, system told me there is no NEW item to export anymore.
that is frustrated.

I would really appreciate the original audio export feature. This would allow me absorb how the phrase is actually spoken, in context, by a native speaker. This helps integrate theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge.


I hope very much that audio grabbed from selected subtile-sequences in additon to one or more tts-voices will be available in LLN flashcards.


Is it just me or has the setting to export the media disappeared at some point? I have some flashcards from months ago that had snippets of the audio from the actual program in but now they export with just the robot voice.

Any updates on when this might be returned?

I’m not sure if this is useful to anyone else but I’ve made the process of importing the media to Anki a little smoother on MacOS since it’s repetitive.

great to hear! I came here looking for that specific feature

Has this been implemented yet?