Anyone having troubles with subtitles being out of sync? Youtube

I am trying to find entertaining german videos but the german translation and english translation is out of sync. Like way out of sync. I don’t know how to fix it. I was watching this video for example and this is how out of sync they were


Yes recently I’m having a subtitles out of sync when using this extension too :frowning:


same here :confused: also from German, and same desync whether the destination language is english or french

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ok I am also having the same problem. I made a new topic before seeing this…

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Same here, I think it has something to do with the way long sentences are broken up. It was never a problem in the past though.

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I’ve noticed this as well on french channels. I have to just keep an eye on the sidebar that keeps a running tally of subtitles, and try to follow along there. I guess that’s the ‘beta’ life!

The problem is they arent really working on it or updating it


Same problem here too
Someone ought to create an open source version of this otherwise great extension, that way at least if the maintainers leave without handing it over to someone, at least folks can make forks and have the extension be operational…

i posted about this too. im glad its just not only me.

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Me too. It’s wildly out of sync.

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Hey people, sorry, we were busy working on new features, fell behind with maintenance. It should be working now. Saving phrases in Youtube also works.

Please note: LLN extension has been updated to ‘Language Reactor’ which supports both Netflix and Youtube. ‘LLY BETA’ extension has been made inactive.

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