Can we show the individual Vocabulary Word without having to Hover Over?

Can we show the Individual Vocabulary Word without having to Hover Over each word? This request is for all words in the sentence. This is different from the Actual Whole Sentence Translation.

Can there be a setting to show each individual vocabulary word?

Example: Only “Landscape” is showing, when I want to see all words definition


Yeah, that would be nice indeed!

This would be a great option!

I like this idea, I would just want to be able to turn it off (toggle on/off) when not needed (as it would be helpful to test comprehension).

Also, the current dictionary would have revisited first to make the results more accurate/solid to be of any use.

Currently, I have the mini dictionary hidden, because the results have been so inaccurate/unhelpful (in my experience with Korean).

Unless a more advanced Korean Language learner with LR has any thoughts?

The LR developer team has been tirelessly making improvements to LR, so I hope the dictionary improves soon, so that this function can be a contender.