Only show translation for unknown words

I’m at an upper intermediate level in Japanese - so I know most words in sentences but usually have 1 or 2 unknown words. Which is enough to wreck my overall comprehension of what has been stated. I find myself looking down at the translated subtitles to catch the meaning or gist of the words I didn’t know.

I thought it might be a good idea to have a feature to blur the translation, except for the words that were translated from the unknown words. Or maybe even, have an option to enable the mini-dictionary to be enabled at all times for unknown words.

This would allow me to glance down at the selective translation or the mini-dictionary balloons and quickly see what I missed from the sentence without having to read the entire translation; forcing me to think more in my target language and use the translations only to fill the gaps.

Selective Blur Option for Unknown / Learning Words

Always On Mini-Dictionary for Unknown Words / Learning Words

I think this functionality would be quite challenging as most subtitles/captions are translated from one language to another less directly than you might think.

Most translators give a contextual meaning versus a 1:1 direct translation, often translating the context of another language into an understandable context in ones own language.

Would be an interesting feature for sure though.

Agreed on the subtitles… translations are tricky for sure. The mini-dict would probably be a better solution as it would give an actual definition rather than selective translation blurring. It would almost have to be in the form of superscript or subscript to be useful though. Having mini-dictionary balloons everywhere would be more distracting.

Almost like a second translation, a direct translation of the definitions of the above target language (TL), maybe?

Then on top of that maybe blur any translation that is marked as “Known” for a given user?

Might take a lot of computing power and not every language has as succinct a translation for a given TL word, but it would be an interesting feature.

Might be better if the unbluring/blurring of words were related to the most important words needed for comprehension of a given sentence.

That would also be tricky because each language would have have a lot of data to maybe prioritize certain words over others properly.

Just some additional thoughts I wanted to add!

P. S. Agreed on the mini balloons!