Expanding on Netflix language search capabilities

Hi! I’m a Swedish guy learning Korean. My girlfriend, who’s Korean, would like to learn Swedish, and I think this app would be great for both of us.

However it’s very hard to find audio and subtitles in Swedish on Netflix, therefore I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, you’d consider to make use of existing capabilities within Netflix (they seem to be there at least) to make it easier to search through movies and TV- titles with multiple conditions/ criteria for language and target language. Unless this is already possible without any modifications, which then it’d be really great to know that.

So basically you’d use the browse/subtitles or browse/audio address, and/or the search terms Audio/Subtitles in ‘Language’ to find titles with both audio and subtitles in your target language. On top of that it’d be great if you could then add any other additional language to that, such as English/Korean for the subtitles or audio. The reason being it could be easier to learn your target language if there already exists titles that have your mother tongue and target language available (in any given combination of audio and subtitles). Maybe your English proficiency level isn’t that high, or your Korean/ Swedish reading/ listening isn’t that great.

Of course you could just try to click on all the titles under the “Audio in ‘Target Language’” search and check, but it’d be awesome if you wouldn’t have to bother with that.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work on this, really appreciate it!

Hi. :slight_smile:

We made a catalogue:


There’s two weaknesses currently:

Data is quite old now, needs updating.

You can search by target langauge, but, it doesn’t help you find movies with ‘human translations’ in your langauge… this can be a problem if you speak Hungarian etc.

Thank you. That’s not really what I was looking for though.
I was looking for a way to find titles that have both subtitles in your target language and your mother-tongue for example. And even what audio/dub it has