Feature Request: 1T Sentence emphasis/highlight

The idea is to highlight sentences that only have one new word (one target - 1T). This is super effective if you save it and then export the card or review it in some other fashion. It’s comparable, but different from just seeing your highlighted words again and making a mental note, because this approach is basically based on slowly expanding your known words through context, whereas encountering your highlighted words is a bit of a gamble if that sentence is useful / has enough context or not.
I would say increasing your comprehension is much faster if you are using content you already understand most of, so making the 1T sentences more noticeable when you are reading through the subtitles would be a godsend. Even in the sidebar subtitle viewer just kinda scrolling through to see what that content might have to offer.
I get it. Not easy to implement because you have to track what everyone knows, but I really do think it would be a meaningful upgrade to the extension and people’s comprehension.