Monolingual cards for MT & 1T sentences. Hiding words on playback

Loving the app so far. Definitely considering subscribing to the pro-version after the trial.

One thing that I was hoping that the app would be able to do for you would be to make it easier to create monolingual Anki-cards. You probably already know what this is, but for clarification these are just cards where both the front and the back (answer) would be in your target language. For example I’d like to make cards that omit certain words in the sentence, and then show that/ those words as the answer, or the original sentence (still the extra column might be nice though). Just like in the way you guys showed in your own flashcard app. However I’d like to use Anki, since it works well with my other methods for writing down new words when reading books and such.

So the question, is it possible to use the marking feature to save marked words in each saved sentence so that you’d be able to easily make such a card?
Also would it be possible to hide those words according to their ‘color’, while watching Netflix (and invert hidden selection as well)?

Other nice features to work on:
Being able to highlight anything and save as one single word/ selection, since the built-in dictionary/ word recognition system (at least for Korean) is completely off, no offense.
When the list of marked words for your target language in LLN accumulates over time, the ability to export/import a whole list for that language (from and to LLN).
Also as for the Korean dictionary I think using Naver’s own dictionary definitions would be more useful.

After trying to download and sort through my exported CSV- file, I see that some of these features are here, but couldn’t figure out how to use those smoothly. Overall using Anki to design cards with little to no programming experience can be pretty cumbersome, so anything that would ease the process would be awesome.

Thank you for all your hard work on this.

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