Feature request: Audio player in the text reader

It would be ideal to have an audio player that you can use while reading the text.

You should be able to import an mp3 file from your computer (similar to the “Video File”) and be able to control the playback in the same page where you read the text.

I hope it was clear, thanks for the awesome tool!

Yup, I working on this already. What langage do you study? The feature will probably be available for a 3-6 languages initially.

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That’s great! Currently I’m learning Russian.

I have another suggestion btw: translate ‘phrases’ in the text, I mean a sequence of words. Now we can translate a single word and the full sentence, but sometimes it makes sense to translate like this. Like when you have a collocation, expression or a chunk of language.

Thanks again! I’ve been using LLN for a while now and the Language Reactor is really the tool I’ve been waiting for.