Local audio file feature (like current video file feature)

There is lots of audio-only content suitable for language learning. I am thinking about podcasts in particular. Currently we have to convert such audio to video files (with a static image) just to be able to study them in LR because LR only accepts video files. Couldn’t it easily be made to accept audio files as well? Perhaps just a black background could be displayed instead of the video content and the text overlays in the same way as it would on video.

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This would be an interesting idea!

Later on, LR could make it so the audio file “scrolls” and highlights in time with the audio time stamps of the subtitle file users upload.

Not like a “roll credits” at the end of a movie type scroll.

A display that shows “all” the text* on screen (similar to the reader feature or the side pop out of subtitles on with videos), but highlights according to the time-stamped file instead of after a TTS voice reads lines (in the case of the reader).

This could be implemented as a default instead of a black screen with subtitles at the bottom like with videos — but when the devs have more time to do so.

*Clickable text characteristic of LR