Feature Request: Export suggestion

I’d suggest having a generic export mechanism that lets users define their own format. I use this in my own JTLanguage website. Basically you do something similar to a C printf or C# Format call, where you let the user input a tokenized format string. In my case, I use tokens like “%{x}”, where "x’ is some code that determines what is substituted. For example, “%{t}\t%{h}” would output a target language item, followed by a tab, and then the host language item. Anything outside the tokens are treated literally. Personally, I prefer using the ‘|’ character for a separator, i.e. “%{t}|%{h}”. You just create a number of codes for all the columns you want. This determines the format for one row with an implied newline at the end, but you could even do something like “%{t}\n%{h}” and put each item on its own line. This way users who use other tools could format the output as they want, without having to do extra editing and copy/paste actions.