Feature Request: Needs to Organize subtitles which YouTubers or providers made each sentence scattered to many subtitles hard to recognize

This is an issue of LLN, too.
But in LLY, this is super serious problem.

Look at the screenshot.

Can you practice speaking or something with this scatters subtitles of even one sentence?

All fragments in one sentence are scattered to 4~5 subtitles, and it separates on its own way.
Absolutely, shortcut Q fuction is useless here, and even the arrangement of the subtitle list distracts me to learn…
When YouTubers provide subtitles, they don’t take care of making subtitles looking good in meaning units or grammar units.or to a whole sentence.

Fortunately, there are good alternatives like MediaDict on iOS or others on Android about YouTube, but I like to utilize computer with big monitor rather than tiny mobile screen to practice language because it’s boring, tiring, exhausting work.

Therefore, developers need to fix and improve this matter.

Has this message ever got an answer ? I think this feature would be very useful.
Thanks !