Subtitles readability problem

Hello, I’m one of LLN users and I’m really enjoying using this program.
But in LLN, subtitles are provided in one single sentence, making it not so readable.
It would be much easier to read if subtitles are divided into two sentences.
Thank you:)

Hello. Can you make a screenshot, to show the problem? You can paste images into the forum. Thank you. :slight_smile:

When lines got longer and two or more people are talking, it’s little hard to read quick.
I’m really enjoying LLN’s various functions, so it would be great if this problem is solved.
Thank you :slight_smile:


I think the solution is pretty simple - in the settings menu, just drag all the way down and enlarge the font size. I believe that would solve your problem :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the tip, but it seems like this issue is not solved by enlarging the font size.

If I enlarge the font size, it comes out in two lines only when the dialogue is too long to be shown. And it’s a random line break, not proper line break(You can tell by the ‘-’ in the photo). This means that unless the dialogue is very long, the subtitle is shown in one line.

When watching Netflix without the LLN program, the subtitles are usually presented in two lines even when the dialogue is not long (and this is much more readable for me).

I hope I communicated my issue clearly and thanks for trying to help. I deeply appreciate it. :slight_smile: