French contractions (au aux auquel, du des desquel)

Hi team,

Magic software, happy subscriber…my most useful language learning tool by far, thanks so much!!

Anyway, just wondering if it’s possible to tweak French formatting for the contracted prépositions:

au = short for “à le”
aux = “à les”
auquel = “à lequel”
auxquels = “à lesquel”
auxquelles = “à lesquelles”

du = “de le”
des = “de les”
duquel = “de lequel”
desquels = “de lesquel”
desquelles = “de lesquelles”

Effectively these words get screwed up for color formatting because they are sort of treated as uncontracted, and if I export the subtitles they get produced in html as:

au = <span class="format-C3">à</span><span>u</span>
aux = <span class="format-C3">à</span><span>ux</span>
auquel = <span class="format-C3">à</span><span>uquel</span>

du = <span class="format-C4">d</span><span>u</span>
des = <span class="format-C4">d</span><span>es</span>
duquel = <span class="format-C4">d</span><span>uquel</span>

So only the first letter can get formatted.

To the best of my knowledge, these are the only edge cases, but those particular contractions appear quite often in French (especially au, aux, du, des). Understanding their correct usage is essential to understanding French, so adding the complete formatting would certainly improve the usefulness of the tool for mastering French.

I’ve added an image showing an example, showing circled examples of:

  1. problematic contractions that are unfixed (au & du)
  2. problematic contractions that I’ve manually fixed (des)

As you can see, they occur quite frequently in a French conversation.

Appreciate that you’ve got lots on your plate, so regardless, many thanks again for the great tool ! :blush: