Part of Speech - Add Identifier in Subtitles Export

LanguageReactor obviously has capability to recognise “part of speech”, aka Function of Word, because it shows up in the Saved Words list when you export them from the LanguageReactor website (eg. into Excel).

However, when doing a subtitles export from a YouTube video, the resulting words in the table are not able to be identified by this “part of speech”.

May I request that this be added.

For instance, adding the word “verb” in, say, the data-word-key, such as:

Or perhaps in the class:
class="lln-word lln-outline-always lln-orange-outline lln-verb"

Reason: this allows the text to be analysed in terms of Function of Word. Using colour to differentiate these word functions is particularly useful for language learning students, and notably in use by Montessori schools for children, and also as an aid for learners with difficulties (such as Dyslexia).

Additional topic reference (a little bit similar to this):

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Here’s a pretty rough example of what the above is trying to achieve.çais%20by%20alex/quelle-difference-entre-à-et-de

Basically, it just adds some color to French subtitles to show particular prepositions (à and de) and gender-based determinants (un and une). That way, it makes it easier to see how those words are used, plus some noun genders.