going crazy language reactor netflix not working

im not tech savvy in the slightest. Ive got a macbook air 2015 and I’m using google chrome to play netflix, Ive allowed language reactor whenever it is requested. But i cannot for the life of me get language reactor to work on netflix. everytime i click on the app in my toolbar it just brings me to the language reactor page, but it doesnt do anything to netflix

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my chrome says that the language reactor page is not secure, ive allowed it but it still seems that this is causing a problem

Same!!! I cant use language reactor at all ==

Hi, to use the features of the app on Netflix, you don’t need to click on the app in your browser toolbar. Instead, you should go to Netflix and click on a movie like normal. Then, in the video controls you’ll see the Language Reactor icon:

[https://i.imgur.com/f0hmhnQ.png](Netflix controls with LR icon showing disabled functionality)

You can click on that icon to enable the Language Reactor functionality. It will look like this after you enable it:

[https://i.imgur.com/FaFSYs8.png](Netflix controls with LR icon showing enabled functionality)

The procedure is the same when using on YouTube.

Hi, thank you for the reply, I understand what you are saying I should rephrase my query, I went to pressing the icon in my bookmarks because the language learning icon isn’t showing up on my Netflix app.

I mean webpage, not app.