Grouping different versions of a word re: conjugations

I’d love a feature where if we learn a word, we can then create a list of “versions” of that word so all the versions we dictate can be considered the same word.

For example, Korean has a ton of different verb endings so each time the verb has a different ending/conjugation (which is almost always), it’s considered a different word which makes it almost unusable as a Korean learner as the language is built on verb endings. I’d love to have the ability to tell the app that, hey, 한다, 하다, 해, 했어요, 했습니다, etc are all alternate forms of the same word so when a version pops up again in the show/movie, the app knows that I already know that word. This way, you don’t have to train the app to recognize the different forms, we can just tell it the forms to look for.

It’d also be neat if it could recognize words itself without them needing to be strictly added. Like for example, if we add 했, we can tell the app, hey, this is a prefix/verb stem so treat every word that starts with 했 as the same word. So 했다, 했어요, 했는데, etc.

Also, this isn’t that related, but having the option to import our own vocabulary lists would also be really useful.

Grouping the different tense of a verb is very useful for comprehension, I like that feature actually.

The problem now is that when I highlight one tense of a verb, all tenses of that verb are highlighted the same colour like I know them ALL… but I don’t :confused:
and now there’s no way to track what kind of tense I master and the one I have still to work on :frowning:

Can we have solution that solve both needs? :slight_smile:
like a colour for the verb itself and an underlining colour (or something) for a specific tense of that verb to keep in check how we master it or not? :slight_smile:
Or did you Devs already work on that for the next update?