PhraseMulti — Word Look Up/Filter (When It Comes Out As An Official Feature)?

Edit: I just noticed that it seems like every page has a new “cluster” of similar phrases, so there is definitely more that I’m missing about this feature.

I look forward to seeing how it unfolds!

Thanks for working on this!

P.S. I’m not sure this would ever be possible since I know ya’ll have mentioned how challenging this was before, but for languages — like Korean — having variations of verbs and adjectives (also called descriptive verbs connected/linked— for Korean TL learners— would be cool to incorporate into this feature)

It might be an interesting solution for what Mr_FrO.6 mentioned.

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Edit 3: If anything those of us studying our TLs can just keep an eye out for those variations, add them to our saved items and utilize this resource to see how those variations are used on phrase (albeit in a more “manual” way :slight_smile: ).

Just some thoughts! Language-specific changes are less likely when a service provides resources across many languages. Still, maybe something here will give ya’ll ideas/add to the brainstorming lists :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again! :smiley:

Original Post:

I know PhraseMulti is still under development, but @oaprograms, would you consider allowing for a word “look up” type ability (if that’s not already under consideration) so that users can put in a saved word/word in LR’s database that they would like to here multiples of?

It seems like right now, it’s random and chooses a different word every time you look it up?

I’m unsure about the specifics, but I’m excited about this great feature! (Will it be added to the menu soon?)

I’m not sure if that’s too similar to the full dictionary look-up, but PhraseMulti auto-plays through the different phrases, so that’s awesome!


Thanks to the devs for fixing this up! :smiley: :

Just a quick note that with the new mobile version update PhraseMuilti isn’t as functional.

I know this is still being worked on, but I wanted to give the devs the heads up!