Hide known character pinyin, show unknown character pinyin

I love this extension. With the updates to Anki exporting, it’s nearly perfect.

Currently we only have the option to hide pinyin, show both, and only show pinyin.
I would like it such that Pinyin is hidden on words that I have marked as known and to be displayed on unknown words.
This will improve constant recall throughout the learning experience and would be a useful feature that can likely carry on to many other languages.

Apologies if this is already in the TODO list, I searched “pinyin” on the forums and couldn’t seem to find this exact suggestion. Hope it’s novel and useful. Thanks

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Another option with “only unknown words” would be absolutely incredible.

If it hid the pinyin on all words users have clicked “known” for I would be so happy

May I please get an update on this?
The forums say not to re-post things, but instead reply to them to bump them up.

Yeah let’s do it, it’s easy enough now we have learning stages (known/learning etc.). :wink:

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We’re going for this, right?

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Thank you so much for responding :slight_smile: I’m very excited about this

Hi Elijah, does it make sense if we hide pinyin for both Known and Learning words, and show it for unmarked and grey words? Also, we show pinyin in vertical (right) panel separately. Maybe we should then show it the same way as in main subs?

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I would also like this to be done

Ideally a toggle for all 3 categories (known/learning/unknown).

I would likely assign a hotkey to turn on/off pinyin for learning words and flick it on/off during watching sessions.

I think a toggle for all 3 categories is a must - known/learning/unknown.

If this is going to be implemented, would you have a rough ETA on it?

Hi, just implemented the feature, the setting is called “Transliterations visibility”. It only works in the main subtitles, words panel, and everywhere on LR website ATM.

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