hover dictionary is laughably bad

I am a pro subscriber because the ASR AI speech to text implementation is absolutely incredible and allows me to watch content that has mis-matched audio and subtitles.

However, Reverso context’s extension is so much better for both netflix and youtube when hovering over words and getting accurate translations as it understands colloquial phrases that don’t translate exactly word by word. Maybe i’m missing a feature that can make the dictionary more like reverso or deepl when hovering?

Nope, your right hover dictionary is bad.

I turned mine off a while ago. It’s not good for context-based languages like Korean.

I use the full dictionary, but still not great with more context-based words and phrases. The LR team talked about trying to improve dictionary in forum posts a few times.

Not sure when that will happen though.

Check out the News from the Team category to see what they are currently working on.