How to play a full sentence of a translation text?

It would be very helpful if we could play a full sentence of a translation that shows up line per line.

If I am listening to a film in English and translating it to Norwegian text, I can of course click each individual Norwegian word, but the playback of the entire sentence is only in English in this case.

It would be nice to be able to play the entire Norwegian text translation.

Can it be done?

Hmm. If we used Microsoft’s text-to-speech API, it would be too expensive. We’ve been making our own lifelike text-to-speech models this month that will be 100x cheaper to run than sending to microsoft, and hopefully only a bit worse in quality… so maybe we can make this feature soon. :slight_smile:

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Hi David. I am clearly not a code writer.

Here is what I was wondering. If I am able to click on each individual Norwegian word, and hear the pronunciation of it, it seems to a non-expert that there could maybe be a way to select the whole sentence and play the whole sentence in one fell swoop.

To clarify, I’m watching an English language series with both Norwegian and English subtitles. I can click the Norwegian subtitle words to hear them and see their meanings. But when I hit the “Play” icon that is at the left and beginning of the translated Norwegian subtitles, it simply plays that English language audio line spoken in the show. It rewinds the scene with that particular sentence in it. It does not play the translated Norwegian word sentence.

The audio of the Norwegian words all seems to be there in the computer/application and can be heard with a click. How to play the whole translated sentence using those words that are already in the program, rather than moving the cursor and clicking on word after word?

Could there be a code command that says "Play all those Norwegian translated words in the subtitle sentence all together instead of just one word at a time (using the Norwegian audio that is already stored in the computer) and a button that sends that command? Hit one button. Entire line of translation plays.


Thank you!

Douglas McCallie