is there a place here to report mistranslations?

Wondering if there is a group here where i can report mistranslations in the Phrase Pump.

I am Intermediate in Spanish, but poor on aural comprehension, so LR and the Phrase Pump are helping me enormously with Spanish, French, and a couple other languages.

Here is an example. The Spanish word ‘pepino’ (cucumber) is #5475. Okay. The phrase is “La Bolsa me importa un pepino” which it translates as “The Bag I care about a cucumber.” The correct translation should be, “I don’t give a damn about the stock market.”

I’m writing this respectfully, i really value LR. … When i run into this kind of problem, i can use Google Translate to figure it out. But i just wonder if there is someone on the staff who is keeping a file on needed corrections.

Thank you very much. Sincerely, Orrin.


Hi @Orrin_Winton,

I can’t say for certain this works, but I have created topic for my target language requesting phases/cards, be removed or amended.

Here are two examples:

I’d do something similar in for your language cards (screenshots and lots of details like you provided above help!) in the Request category for you language combination.

Be sure and try to locate it within Tatoeba — if you have time — to see if it’s still there/correct (like I did in my posts/replies), it just gives you more details to provide.

I hope this helps!