[Sentence Translation Error] Please Edit the Translation of These PhrasePump Cards

Hi LR Team,

I was able to find this sentence in Tatoeba, but the translation is off.

Often, the admins and other users of Tatoeba help to edit the phrases and translations of sentences submitted by the community.

I believe this is an example of that:

그 사람 어디 있지?

Showed up in PhrasePump (and I have it stated because I can still understand the translation), but the translation is not up-to-date with Tatoeba:

Can you please edit the English translation for this sentence?

Edit: It Seems like the text/reader mode translates this phrase correctly, so I unsaved (:star:) and resaved this sentence with a better definition from there to update it for my saved content on my end:

This still needs to be updated on ya’lls end for Tatoeba since it still shows up in the Tatoeba section of the full dictionary:

P. S. I’ll keep this topic going in case me or another user notice any similar translation errors, especially if they’re fixed in Tatoeba.

This one looks like the machine translation from LR might be off or something:

언젠가 미국인과 하루종일 놀고 싶어. 근데 영어를 몰라.

The corresponding Tatoeba sentence doesn’t have an English translation on the Tatoeba database:

DeepL shows this:

Note: In PhrasePump, Americans should at least be capitalized. And again I have it stared because I understand the gist.

P. S. What happens if ya’ll update a stared sentence? Should I unstar them until I see them come across my PhrasePump updated?