Phrase Pump translation errors for Chinese (Traditional)

First off: there should be an option on every card to report translation errors

But seeing as that has already been requested again and again by multiple forum users, this topic is intended to be used as a running list for mistranslations and/or machine-reading errors for Chinese (Traditional).

Nothing wrong with the English translation here. However, the vocabulary detector has mistakenly interpreted

凱特 + 使… (meaning, “Kate ordered/urged/compeled/employed…”)


凱 + 特使 (Special Envoy Kai)

Yes, 特使 is a word in Chinese meaning “special envoy”, but that word is completely irrelevant to this sentence. The vocabulary detection program that Phrase Pump is running to find example sentences containing particular words is not taking into account that Chinese characters occuring next to one another in the word order of a sentence doesn’t necessarily mean that every possible isolated combination of neighboring characters is a vocabulary meaning that is present in the context of the full sentence. In the sentence above, 凱特 is just the transliteration of “Kate”; the 特 does not mean “special” in this context, and certainly doesn’t pair together with the following character 使 to form “special envoy”. 使 in this context is a single-character verb meaning force/order/make someone do something…