Phrasepump flag feature

I am enjoying using phrase pump, but wonder its it is possible to flag phrases to not show again. I have come across some phrases where the translation is incorrect, or where the audio seems garbled, or perhaps just because I know and can understand the sentence easily.




I agree! This would be a great feature!!

I noticed that on Clozemaster, they have a flag feature that seems pretty great! Maybe the devs could come up with something similar to flag and take defective cards out of circulation:

Example of a flag feature for LR's PhrasePump:

Image Credit: Clozemaster

LR Flag Feature in LR Idea 1 — Via the 3 Stacked Dots at the Top Right of a Given Sentence Card:

LR Flag Feature in LR Idea 2 — Bottom Left of Sentence Card:

This flag feature could do one/several things:

  • Remove Card From Circulation
  • Report Card Error
  • Report Audio Issue
  • Report Sentence
  • Report Translation

Suggested Implementation: Clicking the Flag could trigger a popup window that offers a checkbox version of the above, which automatically removes the flagged card from circulation (for a given user once they hit Submit on the Flag report).

Here Is An Example of How Clozemaster Implements A Similar Feature:

Here is One Example of What I Think Would Work for LR:

The flag could appear only on cards shown via PhrasePump but aren’t saved in a user’s Saved Items list. So, the extra practice cards, I believe.

This feature could be even more/less customized by adding or removing a few of the above (suggested) reporting methods.

However, I believe being able to Remove a card from circulation on PhrasePump and Report a card error (which also (temporarily/permanently) removes the card from circulation (for that user) until the card can be fixed/if it can be fixed (given time and staffing considerations) is essential for PhrasePump going forward.

This feature could help with the following topics:

Picture Examples of Tatoeba Cards I Would Love to Flag for Removal from Circulation:

Why? Because it makes no sense in English. The translation doesn’t make sense or isn’t practical and I can’t find it on Tatoeba despite it having a Tatoeba CC-BY note in the information (“i” icon on the card).