Phrasepump flag feature

I am enjoying using phrase pump, but wonder its it is possible to flag phrases to not show again. I have come across some phrases where the translation is incorrect, or where the audio seems garbled, or perhaps just because I know and can understand the sentence easily.




I agree! This would be a great feature!!

I noticed that on Clozemaster, they have a flag feature that seems pretty great! Maybe the devs could come up with something similar to flag and take defective cards out of circulation:

Example of a flag feature for LR's PhrasePump:

Image Credit: Clozemaster

LR Flag Feature in LR Idea 1 — Via the 3 Stacked Dots at the Top Right of a Given Sentence Card:

LR Flag Feature in LR Idea 2 — Bottom Left of Sentence Card:

This flag feature could do one/several things:

  • Remove Card From Circulation
  • Report Card Error
  • Report Audio Issue
  • Report Sentence
  • Report Translation

Suggested Implementation: Clicking the Flag could trigger a popup window that offers a checkbox version of the above, which automatically removes the flagged card from circulation (for a given user once they hit Submit on the Flag report).

Here Is An Example of How Clozemaster Implements A Similar Feature:

Here is One Example of What I Think Would Work for LR:

The flag could appear only on cards shown via PhrasePump but aren’t saved in a user’s Saved Items list. So, the extra practice cards, I believe.

This feature could be even more/less customized by adding or removing a few of the above (suggested) reporting methods.

However, I believe being able to Remove a card from circulation on PhrasePump and Report a card error — which also (temporarily/permanently) removes the card from circulation (for that user) until the card can be fixed/if it can be fixed (given time and staffing considerations — is essential for PhrasePump going forward.

This feature could help with the following topics:

Picture Examples of Tatoeba Cards I Would Love to Flag for Removal from Circulation:

Why? Because it makes no sense in English. The translation doesn’t make sense or isn’t practical, and I can’t find it on Tatoeba despite it having a Tatoeba CC-BY note in the information (“i” icon on the card).

Edit 2:

Additonal Edit Note: I’ve been using Clozemaster (free version) for a while now, and they implement their sentence review more efficiently than PhrasePump right now. The good news is that Phrasepump has the potential to be better in different ways with the implementation of a flag feature, extra features for more customized study sessions, and editable translations