[Sentence Translation Error] Please Remove this Korean Sentence + English Translation Pair/Tatoeba Sentence from PhrasePump

Hi LR Team,

I’m not sure how often the LR database is synced with Tatoeba, but this sentence card needs to be removed:

Can ya’ll please remove it?


P.S. It looks like the Tatoeba admins work hard to keep an accurately curated sentence database, so as long as the sentence isn’t started (:star:) in LR, I think LR should regularly filter out/correctly sync changes in the Tatoeba database to LR because these sentences are user generated and not perfect. Because mistakes happen, corrections are made, etc.

Here is another one that has an English Translation that doesn’t make sense, and that I couldn’t locate on Tatoeba:

Note: It also has Tatoeba CC-BY on the “i” symbol on the bottom right corner.

Here is another one:

그럼 난 다스드 될거야!

English translation makes no sense.