Is there a way to save all the words for a show without clicking on each?

Is there a way to save all the words for a show withought clicking on each one?

I’ve tried Language Reactor before but my level l was so low I just found it frustrating. And it’s still hard to watch any adult content without stopping every single line and trying to figure out what is going on. Plus the system by defualt only wants you to add a few words to learn and ignore the rest, which means I feel like I still understand very little. .

I thought though I’d try a couple Disney animation tyope movies, where it’s dumbed down for young audiences but hopefully somewhat entertaining. And the Italian dubbed audio appears to be pretty good, and more matching the translated subtitles. Nonetheless, I’d like to learn most of the words I’m giong to hear ahead of time, espeically as it’s often not an exhaustive list like other content.

Is there a way to do this?

Appreciate any suggestions…

Hi @kellyllek,

The short answer is no.

You have to either individually click and add words or star phrases and learn from phrases (or sentences if the platform provides a full sentence in a particular subtitle line you save).

My level in Korean (my target language) is also incredibly low, which is why I concentration on saving phrases these days, but sometimes I’ll save the odd word when it comes up frequently or just it just catches my eye.

I also keep dual subtitles on while I do this (at least for now) and avoid stoping for every line — unless I want to during a particular study session.

There are many ways to use LR to learn as a beginner.

They haven’t added an ability to save every word or even sentence in a show at once — as of yet.

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