just stays stuck on 'subitltes loading' for youtube videos in private library

hi there,

i’ve noticed this is a problem, when videos are not public yet… very frustrating, maybe the addon is not passing the correct token, or referrer information, so as for language reactor to be able to access youtube, subtitles, as though it’s the user who is looking at their video, since it has not been made public yet?

it would be great if this worked, i don’t necessarily want to make everything public, before watching it with language reactor subtitles, etc,

thank you,

this issue could also be worked around, if it was possible to simply pick our own subtitle file, for the program to use, since i can download the subtitles from private videos, in the content editing menu, they come out as sbv files,

also being able to add in our own srt files would be handy too.

Hi, the extension doesn’t work for private videos unfortunately. We are planning to add support for uploading your own subtitles.

In the meantime, you could download the video maybe, and play it with your own subtitles in the video file player: Language Reactor The video needs to be in a format supported by Chrome, e.g. H.264.

i know you’re probably trying to fix the other error that pops up, every time now, as of a day or two ago, but it’s still frustrating it can’t pass the login properly and load subtitles in private videos, as it;s a lot of clicking around, for playing videos frequently, first, download the video, then, download the subtitles, then, do any conversion necessary on the subtitles, then, pick the video, and the subtitles files, in the file lists, etc…

in part it would also be nice if this didn’t mean you were still minus some main features of the youtube player, and use of any of the other addons that there are there, even after all that clicking…

one feature that would nice, is variable speed, for example, be nice if you could at least add that, on the video player, on the language reactor homepage…