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I have a problem with loading subtitles on Youtube.
I can’t provide a direct link, because it’s a copyrighted content uploaded in private mode.
The video in Arabic, and uses pre-loaded Arabic subtitles, if it’s relevant. The extension works for me, when I watch other videos.
I get the error both in Chrome and Opera on Mac OS Ventura

Console keeps showing the cycled error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)
at Ke (:75:70152)
at :75:63946

It references the following line in code:
availableCountriesCount: e.microformat.playerMicroformatRenderer.availableCountries.length,

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use video mode in LR website. if you use upitibe to generate subs use capcut, its waaaay better than ytb to generate caption

I’ve used Whisper ASR from Open AI to generate them. It works better than Youtube auto-generation, I liked the final result. I don’t know how it compares with your alternative, but it may be even superior.
Then I uploaded the video with generated subs on Youtube. I tend to avoid the local video mode, because it’s quite limited, for example, some videos play without sound.
Now, I suspect the error could be because of copyrighted content. I see in Youtube Studio, that my video is blocked from viewing around the world. Although I can watch it myself in a private mode, maybe LR has some problems with getting an access.

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if it plays wthout sound that means that you have problem with the conversion or the video has 2 audios.

i have the same problem, very frustrating that it can’t pass the login correctly so as to be able to display subtitles when watching private videos!