YouTube Error - LLN has detected an error has occured

Hey guys! I love your extension but lately I’ve been receiving the error message below every time a video loads (interrupting the first few seconds of the video). I can click OK and the extension works properly, but this creates a poor user experience as I have to do this multiple times per day. It seems that the error appears while the subtitles are still loading and the extension interprets this as a problem. Is there any setting I can change in the extension to hide this error message? Thank you for your assistance.

For reference, the error message is below:

LLN has detected an error has occured. The developers have been notified. Try reloading the page, or else try again in 24hrs. Sorry for the inconvenience. Check our Facebook page for updates. Error message: Failed to retreive linguistic data. Lang: en, source: YOUTUBE tt_key: YT.1.en.T6cPxilLQl4.5c6035f540409de3f1fecefd599d89db

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