Keep AP indicator visible?

It would be really useful to have some way to force the auto-pause indicator to stay on the screen.

I tend to vary whether AP is on with what’s being said, but I’m not always able to keep track, especially if there are a lot of broken sentences/just ums and ahs and that sort of thing. I can get the indicator to stay if I put my mouse in the right spot but this (i) is distracting if I want to use it for work look-up as I’ve got to reposition it every time and (ii) is fiddly as I need to get it in the right spot so the tooltips aren’t covering it, especially with a multi-monitor set-up where if I put it off the “edge” then it lets the AP indicator disappear.

Hope this is clear, and thanks for a making great app!

I’ve just realised I was just being a bit naive in where I placed the mouse - I don’t know why I’d got it into my head it had to go in the bottom left to keep the AP indicator there.

Apologies, I’d like to delete this thread but I can’t work out how - probably being stupid again :sweat_smile: