What happened to Pause on Mouse Hover?

What happened to Pause on Mouse Hover? It seems to have disappeared from my settings.
Screenshot below for reference.

When expanding the dropdown list for the “On mouse hover” option, I only see “Do Nothing” and “Show mini dictionary”.

Second screenshot

Yeah, I have this problem too. But I didn’t find any solve.

Ah, so there’s no pause on hover setting anymore, because we made a ‘pause at end of subtitle on hover’ feature that is always switched on. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! That is true but could you make it so that it pauses when hovering over thetranslation too?

Reason being, my HIde Subtitles setting is set to Hide translations.
When I hover across the foreign language subtitle, it does pause but it resumes the moment I move the cursor down to see the translation so I am unable to see the translation (which is really the whole point of pausing to be honest).
If I were to hover across the hidden translation, the translation reveals itself but the video/subtitle does not pause, so I am unable to see what the actual translation was without further clicks.

Hope that helps you to understand the use case :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!