Translation in subtitle pane hover-over doesn't use human tranlation if both show human and show machine translation are off

I originally posted this as a request, but I’m raising it to a bug, especially since the “Translation language” setting will show: “English (Human Translation)”

If I have both “Show human translation” and “Show machine translation” turned off, but native translations do exist, the hover over translations in the subtitles pane apparently defaults to machine translations, which are often absent or not good translations. Could you please have it use the native translations in the subtitle hover-over popup if available, or make an option for it? I’m targeting Japanese with a paid subscription. The idea is that I want to turn off the translations at the bottom to force me to try to understand the target language text, but be able to see the translation quickly on demand via the subtitle pane hover-over if I want to confirm my understanding or give up on the current sentence. Alternatively, you could add a button icon next to the native text at the bottom to let me see a temporary native translation popup or text. Could you please fix this? It’s a major annoyance.

Let me revise this a bit. How about you display both human and machine translations for the right-pane translation pop-up? I just realized that with the human translations somethimes, for longer sentences that get broken up, the sentence fragments don’t match up literally, because of differences in grammar ordering. This happens a lot in Japanese. If you show both, you get the advantages of both.