Native translation in subtitle pane hover-over.

If I have both native and machine translations turned off, but native translations do exist, the hover over translations in the subtitles pane apparently defaults to machine translations, which are often absent or not good translations. Could you please have it use the native translations in the subtitle hover-over popup if available, or make an option for it? I’m targeting Japanese with a paid subscription. The idea is that I want to turn off the translations at the bottom to force me to try to understand the target language text, but be able to see the translation quickly on demand via the subtitle pane hover-over if I want to confirm my understanding or give up on the current sentence. Alternatively, you could add a button icon next to the native text at the bottom to let me see a temporary native translation popup or text.

Movies I had watched with native simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin subtitles, and Mandarin audio, show no longer Pinyin subtitles and the button for native translation shows for EVERY movie I start “no native translation” message beside the button. I checked many movies. In the dictionary for Chinese (Mandarin) the Chinese audio has been kicked out! Support doesn’t answer requests. My impression: Language reactor is closing shop. The Youtube channel “Learn Chinese with Rita” wrote to me that she found on Netflix for the show “Nezha” traditional characters together with Pinyin subtitles. I haven’t checked that out yet. I only started this threat in the hope someone would know at least something.

I try not to use subtitles in general. If you study and try to understand the language, then without auxiliary prompts. They only tempt to relax. And if necessary, it is better to use the video in the original and then watch it translated into your native language . Fortunately, such services exist now. For example,