Love the Netflix and Youtube extensions. Could there be an option to view dictionary without pausing?

Hi there,

About the dictionary… Would it be possible for the dictionary popup to not pause playback?

I’m usually not too interested in hearing the dictionary speak so I have left click set to “show dictionary” only.

If I’m not doing intensive studying I just want to briefly check the dictionary, so I’m fine with the video continuing to play while I check the dictionary.

Could this be possible? ie. have an “always pause video when checking dictionary” checkbox, so we can uncheck this?

Many thanks!

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Hi, excellent work @David_Wilkinson & @oaprograms ! I wanted to make something like this but you did a way better job than Viki and Yabra already. The UX is poorer than I had imagined though. I hope you can deliver a better experience because users are ready to pay if it works.

I would like to upvote this simple request. You already have all the coding done.

For LLY, please add option to always show mini-dictionary, instead of only on hover. Instead of hovering on each word 1 at a time, I would like a quick reminder of what every word means.

Ben here seems to be asking for the “mini-dictionary” on hover without pausing the video for LLN, which is a slightly different request, but similar. For LLN, it seems like more work for you to port over that LLY code.

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Hi @Ben_Gaskin. The logic around pausing/hovering will need some thought and rework at some point, I’ll keep your request in mind.

@Dry_Coder That’s a pretty neat idea. We were thinking to align the primary subtitles and translations word-by-word sometime, but the mini dict is not bad most of the time, that could be interesting. I’ll think.

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