LLN not working for japanese

I’ve been using LLN for a while with japanese, but recently it just stopped working, movies that I have already seen with LLN, don’t work anymore, it never loads subtitles and instead gets stuck with the message below “- loading subtitles, please wait…-”, when I check settings the netflix audio language tab, says NONE, and the Netflix subtitles language tab is blank and it doesn’t allow me to choose anything; I have already unintalled it and reinstall it, I have disabled other extentions to see if maybe it was a compatibility issue, but nothing seems to work, which is weird as it was working fine before.

(the picture is the settings, that won’t let me choose language for audio nor subtitles)

Oh. That’s probably Netflix making changes. :confused: Try disabling tests here: Netflix (just open the link and LLN should switch it off for you).