Making Use of Subtitles from Different Netflix Libraries

I am using LLN to learn Japanese language, but the problem is that many Japanese titles in Malaysia do not have Japanese subtitle. I could use a VPN to access Netflix’s Japanese library, but then the problem is that almost all shows in Japan’s Netflix only come with Japanese subtitle.

Since we could already print the complete subtitle from LLN, I am wondering if you could make it possible to download subtitle from one region and use it where it is not available, or, even better, combine the available subtitles from different regions directly in the extension?

For example, I would access Japan Netflix, download the Japanese subtitle, then come back to Malaysia Netflix to play a Japanese drama with English sub and use the downloaded Japanese sub side by side.

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Funny… Something similar happened to me. In Ecuador, the show “La reina del flow” only has Spanish subtitles, but a student from the UK told me she was able to have both Spanish and English subtitles while using LLN. This is the first time I realized that Netflix does not make all subtitles for a title available everywhere.

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