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Hey. So, have something for you. We were thinking to start work on a proper app-store app. In the meantime, Og fixed up PhrasePump so that the site runs decently on phones. You have to access it directly on the /phrasepump URL for now (link in this post. We are fixing up navigation on the rest of the site so it works on mobile, and we’ll carry on making some other improvements. At least you can do some useful practice when you are not by your laptop now.


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@D_Rock Yandex functionality is quite interesting. Does it work on sites other than Youtube? If you have a link to a raw video on a page, you can do stuff like take the audio and run ASR… but I think many video sites do some funny streaming/encyption that need a big bag of tricks to get the audio out.

@justin We’re stabilizing the update and doing some fixes, then it’s time to have a think about what to do next with the project.

“The technology can already be used with YouTube, Vimeo and a number of other video streaming websites.” Ref: Yandex introduces automatic English-Russian video dubbing feature! - Russia Beyond

I can’t find a resource that lists them explicitly. I tried That doesn’t work.

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