Mobile App?

Hey. So, have something for you. We were thinking to start work on a proper app-store app. In the meantime, Og fixed up PhrasePump so that the site runs decently on phones. You have to access it directly on the /phrasepump URL for now (link in this post. We are fixing up navigation on the rest of the site so it works on mobile, and we’ll carry on making some other improvements. At least you can do some useful practice when you are not by your laptop now.



@D_Rock Yandex functionality is quite interesting. Does it work on sites other than Youtube? If you have a link to a raw video on a page, you can do stuff like take the audio and run ASR… but I think many video sites do some funny streaming/encyption that need a big bag of tricks to get the audio out.

@justin We’re stabilizing the update and doing some fixes, then it’s time to have a think about what to do next with the project.

“The technology can already be used with YouTube, Vimeo and a number of other video streaming websites.” Ref: Yandex introduces automatic English-Russian video dubbing feature! - Russia Beyond

I can’t find a resource that lists them explicitly. I tried That doesn’t work.

Looking to improvise React Native performance, here’s the blog that will help you -

ANDROID & IOS Development Roadmap 2022 🔥| Cross Platfrom Development | Flutter | React Native - YouTube This will definetely help you better
accurate subtitle is available

Team Windzoon

Hi kirian, I have a totally unrealted probelm but I posted it a week ago and no one’s responded. hoping you see this. How do you talk to a developer on LR? I can’t DM anyone.

Anyway, my main screen covers the subtitle screen and I can’t find anywhere to fix it, or any thread in the forum covering this.

It looks like this:

Any idea?

if there was an app for IOS I would stop paying for LingQ and use Language Reactor exclusively. It is the only reason I don’t just use LR

Hey. So, have something for you. We were thinking to start work on a proper app-store app.

@David_Wilkinson any update on the mobile app?

Hi, we are working on it.

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can you tell us the anticipated release date ?

Is it possible to load some Ukrainian videos for Netflix and TurtleTube?

I do connect through a Ukrainian endpoint.


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I have been long debating the Nvidia shield and then getting Lingopie TV for it. An android app would be wonderful because it would allow watching TV and learning from the couch in an efficient way. The device seems like a nice way to bring android language apps to TV, but so far I love your guys program. it has video for learning and free unlike Lingopie TV, it has a chat bot AI, and free unlike Langotalk AI. You guys have a wonderful program, but it would be lovely to bring on TV and tablets as an andoid app for family learning

  • The developers have confirmed that they are actively working on a mobile app.
  • They are considering using React Native to develop the app, which would allow them to reuse some of their existing code and potentially release the app sooner.
  • They have expressed their commitment to keeping users informed about the development process.

It’s 2 years now since this thread looked positive about getting Reactor on Android.

I would love to use Language Reactor on android to consume foreign language Netflix content, it would transform my usage of Netflix.

I would find it so engaging and exciting I would spend a lot more time on Netflix.

I would joyfully upgrade my Netflix account (I was Basic ie without adverts but now I have adverts back and I could obviously not have foreign language immersion interrupted), so what is the situation now, is there any realistic possibility of seeing Language Reactor happening this year?

second that, making it available on mobile would make me instantly upgrade to pro