I’m taking beginner French and this extension was suggested by my instructor for immersion. It would be great if it worked when cast to a television. The smaller screen and subtitles aren’t great for my eyes so casting the my 55-inch TV screen would make it easier to follow along.

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Yeah, it would be awesome if there’d be proper support for screen casting. Right now it works if you screencast the whole screen and not the tab, but it’s quite laggy at times.

My parents are retired and while I’m home now for a while the TV is usually occupied, and I can’t like hog the TV and watch shows by myself for immersion. So we usually watch Korean shows and movies together, but since they don’t understand Korean we have translations on. I just try to ignore the translations, but sometimes you want something to guide you.

So if LLN was properly supported on a Chromecast the original subtitles could just be on top, and it’d be great way for all of us to watch together.

I use a PC with remote keyboard and mouse that is connected to the TV with a HDM cable and run LLN from the PC. It’s a good setup. I suggest you try it.