Totally NOT WORK!

By the way ALL OTEHR subtitle extensions do good job.

Hi @Arrow_Chiang,

Can you provide some more details? Like the browser you are using, and if you have any other extensions going on that browser, a link to the video you’re having trouble with, and the language combination your trying for? Etc.

I do notice in your image you have an extension called Monica. I’m not sure, but this extension could be preventing you from seeing what you need — as other extensions can interfere with the LR extension.

However, your image says that the ‘subtitles are loading’ and to ‘please wait’, which is a normal message before subtitles appear, so I’m not sure what is not working for you:

Platform: Edge, Windows 7
Example video


Monica turned off, “loading” until video end

By the way, no such problem with others such as “Trancy”

(But their translation is bad… Japanese is difficult)