Requesting a full youtube disable button.

Hi guys,

I watch a lot of videos in my native language on youtube, which I have no interest in watching with the LR functionality, I also dont like the buttons next to the search bar. I love LLN but I dont need it on all the videos I watch haha.

If there could be a button coded into the settings to disable all of the Youtube functionality that would make things a lot better, thank you!


I have the exact same problem. I love LLN but I want use it only on Netflix.
I would appreciate it if LR could allow us to disable the extension entirely on Youtube.


If you click the button here, it should shut everything off.
The Youtube features are a bit obtrusive sometimes. We fixed some issues last night, but still some work to do. Can you pin down what bothers you exactly?

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Oh, I apologize… I wasn’t aware of that button. Thank you!

Hi David,

Thanks for pointing that out, when I made the post the off switch wasnt there.

in terms of what bothers me its down to the function of the app. Youtube doesnt have a monitored captions system so the captions arent always correct. That makes using it on youtube seem pointless to me.

Futhermore youtube is already an extremely cluttered website and adding more to the page makes it hard to watch.

Maybe think of making the youtube system a bit more streamlined and less invasive? I dont really know because as I said I wont be using it on youtube at all.