RL cannot load subtitles

I was watching Episode 3 of the live-action version of Gokushufudo on Japanese Netflix and ran into this error.

I also got this error with Terrace House Boys and Girls Next Door, but was able to fix it after turning my wi-fi off and on again, followed by reloading it a few times. Episode 1 is the only episode of Gokushufudo that seems to work. All the others have resulted in the error I included above. No matter how many times I reload the page it doesn’t work. I looked at some other movies and shows to see why I was able to fix this for Terrace House, but I found that which movies/shows worked and which ones didn’t was completely arbitrary. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

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Here is the link to the episode:

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same thing happens to me , and it’s just with the japanese language , it’s been nearly 2 days now , hope they fix it as soon as possible

Sorry guys, will check this shortly.

Gokushufudo not available here, but it’s breaking with spirited away. Debugging now.

Videos should load now. Still working on a couple of related issues.


thank you very much , its working pretty good now