Language Reactor Error: Failed to retrieve linguistic data:

I’m on Netflix… I know people have asked about a similar error but it was months back and this problem still happens to me… it makes the app almost unusable…

I used to get this error once in a while… strange becuase I’d be watching a series and the data would load on an episode sometimes, and if I came back another day it won’t load… Lately it’s happening all the time… Everyone of the videos actually already has the subtitles for what I want… Is this language data different? Is it because the server for lanugage readctor is overloaded…

If the problem can’t be fixed right now please help meunderstand why this is happening… I know you guys are a small team and maybe can’t fix right away, but can you please acknowledge the message and help with some insight to why it’s happening?

EDIT: Before writing i did all the things you asked in response to others, restarting computer, web browser, removing chrome extension and reinstaling… behavior is the same… Also today i noticed one video in a series not workign while others were and it was replicable… I wondered if it’s a caching issue and that if it fails once it only gets the cached empty data… after clearing the cache… the same episode in the series predictably doesn’t work… and the others do…however it still has basic subtitles (not language reactor annotation)… where do these annotations come from that inspite of subtitls being available… LR predictable doesn’t product annotation?


So it seems this is somehow predictable… in the same video… some annotations worked and others didn’t. The two that said traditional chinese did not work… the others DID work… even though the two Mandarin options also use Traditional Characters… I’ll post the image in a reply as you can’t post 2 images.

This is a link to the video: Watch A Sun | Netflix Official Site


This is the image as referenced above…

Download the mp4 video and srt file and go to

click the video file

select video file and srt file and no error happens

It doesn’t really address my question… I feel like only staff can… but thank you I didnt know about this feature and it’s really awesome… total game changer fo rme.

This exact same issue is also happening for me for zh-TW. It seems to be only for a specific episode (Ep 6 of Wave Makers on Netflix). All the other episodes for the show work fine. The Traditional Chinese subtitles load after a few seconds but not the annotations and I see the error popup that Shuaib_Ahmed1 posted.

You can combine language reactor with ‘Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary’ chrome extension so that when the error happen you can still obtain each word on mouseover in the sub queue.
I also hope this error could be fixed as it happens a lot !